Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cat Poems

Reviewed by Jeanne

Not every book is for every patron.  This is a phrase I have often repeated and firmly believe.  With this in mind, I decided I’d review a book that I thoroughly enjoyed but haven’t heard a word about from the four or five people to whom I gave gift copies.  What’s wrong with these folks? They’re all cat people, for crying out loud.  How could they not like I Could Pee on This; and Other Poems by Cats?  Maybe they just don’t like poetry.

Author Francesco Marciuliano claims to have written this book, but I suspect he actually transcribed it.  Take the poem I Lick Your Nose for example:

I lick your nose
I like your nose again
I drag my claw down your eyelids
Oh, you’re up?  Feed me

Folks, this poem had to have been written by my cat, Fred (aka Crazy Fred) who probably left out the part about drooling in my ear simply because he’s tired of hearing me say he’s a feline Basset hound.

Then there’s the poem Bigger Cat:

I’m not fat, I’m big-boned
I’m not fat, I’m a bigger breed
I’m not fat, it’s just more muscle
I’m not fat, it’s only winter weight
I’m not fat, it’s only a trick of the eye
I’m not the reason you threw out your back
But the next time you lift me,
Do so with your knees

Anyone who knows me will immediately recognize these lines as being from Melon, my plus-sized feline supermodel.
"If you let me on the computer, I could write a book too!"

On the other hand, it’s hard enough to cater to these creatures as it is. Worldwide fame would just make things more difficult, so I think I’ll just let Marciuliano continue to take credit.

In any case, if you like cats and poetry, this book should make you laugh in recognition. The well-chosen and charming cat photos do add to the ambiance. However, if you look up Mr. Marciuliano on the net, the profile photo is author and dog.  Do I sense sequel?

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