Friday, April 19, 2019

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

Reviewed by Christy

            99 Percent Mine is Sally Thorne’s follow up to her smash debut The Hating Game. People were obsessed with The Hating Game and its main characters, but while I enjoyed the writing, the male love interest was just too much of a jerk for me to really like. Fortunately in Thorne’s new novel, the love interest Tom is a sweetie pie. It’s the female protagonist Darcy and her twin brother Jamie who are the brats.
            Still, I enjoyed this so much more than her previous novel. Darcy and Jamie grew up with Tom and consider him their best friend – even fighting over who he “belongs to.”  When globetrotting Darcy has to settle down for a few weeks in her deceased grandmother’s old cottage, she gets antsy. She’s there to help facilitate a renovation that Tom is overseeing. While she would love to find her missing passport and take off, she’s also thrilled to have alone time with Tom for once. She decides to stick around and force her way into becoming one of his workers. Sparks start to fly and not just from the faulty wiring.
            Darcy is funny, impulsive, and at times very selfish. Jamie is snobby, demanding, and at times very selfish. They both have a tendency to steamroll poor Tom into doing what they want. He usually happily complies because they’re the closest thing he’s got to a stable family. What I liked about this book in particular is that Darcy and Jamie realize their treatment of Tom has been unfair and try to better themselves. Unlike The Hating Game where the story treats Joshua’s faults as cute quirks, this story says “No, they can do better.”  99 Percent Mine is cute and breezy and very readable. The romance was sweet and realistic. Sally Thorne is a really fun writer and even though this just came out, I’m already looking forward to her next offering.

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