Friday, April 16, 2021

Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

Reviewed by Ambrea


Braden Mack is the mastermind behind the Bromance Book Club and, truthfully, he considers himself a bit of an expert on love – except he’s about to get a rude awakening when he meets Liv Papandreas.  Liv is a sous chef at the hottest restaurant in Nashville, until she discovers her celebrity chef boss is a predator.  Now, she’s been blacklisted and, despite her distaste for the man, Mack – and the Bromance Book Club – are the only ones up for helping her.

Like the previous novel, Undercover Bromance is an enjoyable romantic comedy.  I was so excited to meet the Bromance Book Club again and I enjoyed reading about all their antics.  It sets a faster pace than the previous novel – there’s an element of espionage and action-adventure that wasn’t in its predecessor – and it seems to ratchet up the enemies-to-lovers angst a little more, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.

Mack was easily one of my favorites from the Bromance Book Club, so I was excited to read about him.  Liv, on the other hand…well, not so much.  She’s so bitter and snarky and, occasionally, just plain mean that it was really difficult to enjoy her as a character; however, I did appreciate that she had a chance to grow and develop as an individual.  It wasn’t all bad!

Even so, Undercover Bromance just couldn’t quite meet my expectations that the first novel set.  Personally, I think I prefer Mack as a character in other people’s stories versus the protagonist in his own.

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