Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Official Movie Plot Generator: Over 27,000 Movie Plot Combinations by The Brothers Heimberg

Reviewed by Kristin

Does it seem like every movie in the theaters today is a rip-off of something you have seen before?  I think I have found the secret that screenwriters from coast to coast are using.  Open the front cover of The Official Movie Plot Generator and find tabs for each of three plot parts:  The main character, the action they take, and the sidekick, location, or zany circumstance that might be involved.  Mix and match to find the next Oscar-winning blockbuster.

If you match up the cards with the same numbers on them, you might find a “logical” movie plot.  For example:  “A single mom raises a baby while juggling work, parenthood, and finding personal fulfillment.”  However, (evil laughter) it seems to me that it would be MUCH more fun to mix things up in an unexpected way.

 “An ancient and powerful wizard fights crime in a beat-up Buick.”

“From a land where honor and tradition reign, comes the legend of a samurai who helps children learn to read, set to an all-star ‘80’s soundtrack featuring Air Supply, Journey, and Survivor.”

“A no-nonsense Army drill sergeant discovers a hidden talent for dance in the feel-good comedy of the year.”

“A group of cantankerous senior citizens raise a baby with the help of the ghost of Elvis.”

“A gangsta rapper becomes a nanny for a conservative aristocratic family in this documentary narrated by James Earl Jones.”

“An adorable panda cub grows 50 times in size and goes on a destructive rampage, shown in spectacular 3-D Imax.”

Irreverent and definitely not politically correct, this book is good for a few laughs, whether alone or in the midst of your next social gathering. And who knows, you and your friends might come up with the next multi-million dollar theatrical release.  I’ll let Shailene Woodley know that she can expect your casting director’s call.

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