Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Nevermore: Trump, Fannie Flagg, Paula McLain, Hank Green, Jennifer Worick, Greg Miller, Bob Woodward

Reported by Kristin

Nevermore is never afraid to tackle tough subjects, and several readers have picked up a recent release entitled Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward.  The author is no stranger to politics—as an investigative journalist he played a huge role in reporting the Watergate scandal which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.  Since then, Woodward has also published eighteen political non-fiction books as well as serving as an associate editor at The Washington Post.  Our reader noted that this is neither a happy nor hopeful book, but it does bring forward many points for readers to consider.

Continuing in United States politics, another reader picked up The Apprentice: Trump, Russia, and the Subversion of American Democracy by Greg Miller.  Also a journalist, in this volume Miller examines the 2016 presidential election through hundreds of interviews.  Our reader said that while she did finish the book, she didn’t really enjoy it, and didn’t think there was enough new information of consequence included.

Our next Nevermore member picked up a delightful work of fiction—The Whole Town’s Talking by Fannie Flagg.  A multigenerational saga set in Elmwood Springs, Missouri, the story begins with a Swedish mail-order bride coming west in pioneer days.  Her family grows, and watches the town grow through the decades.  Our reader found it delightful, such a nice book, and a fresh change in that it was not depressing like some of the other books she has read recently.

Circling the Sun by Paula McLain was appreciated by our next reader.  In 1920s Kenya, Beryl Markham was a child raised by her English father and the African Kipsigis tribe.  Her adventures in aviation, horse training, and matters of the heart intrigued our reader, who was halfway through the novel and promised to follow up next week.

The next reviewer enjoyed The Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life: How to Sew a Sampler Quilt & 49 Other Pioneer Projects for the Modern Girl by Jennifer Worick.  Candle making, turkey trussing, pillowcase embroidering, rug braiding, and bread making are but a few of the old-timey skills included in this how-to book.  Our reader found it rather cute, and planned to share several of the ideas with a friend who is a young mother of girls.

Lastly, another reader raved about Hank Green’s debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.  When 10-foot-tall statues in samurai garb suddenly appear in major metropolitan areas around the globe, New York City artist April May has the good fortunate (or misfortune) to be the first YouTuber who reports the news to the world.  The video quickly goes viral and April must deal with her sudden cyber-fame.  Quirky and relatable in this world where everyone lives on the internet, this debut portends great things for Green’s writing career.

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