Monday, December 3, 2018

Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

Reviewed by Christy H.

            Kit has worked tirelessly in her postgrad years to reach the success she’s achieved – working in a lab run by respected scientist Dr. Severin. When Dr. Severin announces the lab has received funding to study premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and that only three positions will be available, Kit hopes, but isn’t certain, that she’ll win one of the prestigious spots. When the doctor announces a new hire at the same time, Kit’s hopes are dashed, especially when she discovers the new hire is Diane, her close friend and competitor in high school. Though Kit was always smart, Diane was the one who unintentionally lit a fire under Kit, getting her to put more effort into her schoolwork instead of just coasting. The results were a college scholarship and a career in STEM. Despite this bond, Kit and Diane drifted apart after high school, after Diane revealed her darkest secret.
            With Diane back in her life, Kit, who has always felt insecure about her capabilities, is certain she will lose the position to her. She drowns her sorrows in Long Island Iced Teas and lets the long held secret slip to one of her colleagues – further complicating things.
            Like other Abbott books, this one is quick and readable and I did like it, especially the look behind the scenes for women in STEM research. But I also found it lacking something, although I can’t quite articulate what that is. I’m not sure if I felt a disconnect from the characters or if it was the mystery that didn’t grab me. I was curious how everything would turn out but I wasn’t quite as invested as I have been with some of her other novels. So it may not be my new favorite Megan Abbott novel but it’s still a good time and worth a read.

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