Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ellen Hopkins Rocks!!

Guest reviewer Miss Callie Machado gives her impressions of Ellen Hopkins's visit!

"You can't have it until I finish it first!"

"Hi!  I really had a great time at the Ellen Hopkins event at Bristol Public Library!  She is so inspiring and awesome.  I just had to read her books.  Crank is about a girl who gets hooked on meth.  The book is fiction but it’s based on what happened to Ellen’s own daughter who got into drugs.  The book looks big but it reads so fast.  And it's all poetry!   Not that moon in June stuff, boring stuff,  but free verse.  It’s direct and honest and the pages just fly by!  This book is SOOOOOOOOO good!  I give it four paws up. Can I count my tail, too? That would be five paws up!  Ellen wrote more about her daughter in Glass and Fallout.  All her books are good! They're called YA books or teen books, but grownups like them too.   If you haven’t read them, you should.  You can check them out at the Bristol Public Library!

And she's going to have a new book out in September!  It's called Perfect.    I can hardly wait!! Oh, and she's doing a book for adults, called Triangles.
There are more interesting people coming, too!  One is Bill Bass.  I really like his name.  It makes me think of fish.   He started the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee.  All the shows like CSI owe a big debt to him!  Now he and Jon Jefferson write mysteries using some of his cases.  They will be at Virginia Intermont on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 1:30 pm.  It's part of the Discovery series from the library!  If you want to know more, call 276-821-6148!"

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