Monday, May 15, 2017

Cat with a Clue by Laurie Cass

Reviewed by Jeanne

Librarian Minnie Hamilton is shelving early one morning when she discovers a woman lying in the aisle.  Her first thought is that someone had been accidentally locked in the library overnight, but that momentary hope is dashed as she realizes that 1) the woman’s skin is cold and 2) there is a large knife sticking out of her back. It turns out that the victim isn’t even a local resident, but a visitor who was in town for a relative’s funeral.  So why did she end up dead in the library?

Meanwhile, the Library Board is interviewing candidates for a new library director. Minnie’s co-workers are all encouraging her to apply but Minnie knows that the director doesn’t get to do what Minnie loves most: drive the bookmobile.  Bringing books to those unable to get to the library is one of the joys of life for Minnie, especially when she’s accompanied by her cat, Eddie, who has his own fan club.

Then someone breaks into the bookmobile’s garage, scattering books everywhere.  Strangely, though, nothing seems to be missing.  Is this just random vandalism—or is there a connection to the murdered woman?

This is the fifth in the charming Bookmobile Cat Mystery series.  I know I can count on Cass for a light, fun mystery with a good dose of library and feline related material which is like catnip to me.  I enjoy the way spunky Minnie drops in the names of authors or book titles in the course of her day, and I am very fond of Eddie who is a bright little cat—and he is portrayed as a real cat, not a sleuth.   As with most cozy mysteries, there’s a good supporting cast of neighbors, co-workers, friends, and relatives to round out the story.  I’m especially fond of Minnie’s Aunt Frances, who runs a summer B & B where she selects visitors based on matchmaking potential. 

This is a fine choice for anyone looking to curl up with a good cozy; and if you like libraries and cats, so much the better!

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