Friday, June 26, 2015

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Reviewed by Ambrea

Tristran Thorn has entered the word of Faerie with a mission on his mind:  he is going to retrieve a fallen star for Victoria Forester to prove his love and, more importantly, win her hand in marriage.  However, Tristran has one problem in retrieving the star:  the star is very much alive—and she doesn’t like Tristran, not one bit.  Thus taking with him an embittered and sarcastic star, Tristran takes a harrowing journey through a strange and wild land, fighting to keep himself (and the star) alive so he might safely return to his hometown of Wall.

Stardust is a wonderful novel with elaborate details and beautiful descriptions, and a witty sense of humor that’s sure to please.  The fantastical world of Faerie—including the Faerie Market—created by Neil Gaiman is a true treat to imagine, and the adventures of Tristran Thorn and Yvaine (the star) are enthralling.

I found it a simple task to become invested in their story, to get caught up in all the adventures and mishaps and dangers of the wild, wonderful world of Faerie.  The magic involved, the pure inventiveness and fantasy of Stardust, makes it easy to become attached to not only the characters but the entire world.

I especially loved the complexity of the story.  Stardust has a variety of tales and characters—the lords of Stormhold who are fighting to gain control of the realm, the witches of the Lilim who are hunting the star, Yvaine who is struggling to heal, Tristran who is attempting to return to Wall—that run in parallel courses and, eventually, intersect.  Occasionally, it’s difficult to discern where these threads meet and why; however, it’s thrilling when all the pieces finally come together and reveals a narrative tapestry.

Note:  Most versions of Stardust  include illustrations by Abingdon's Charles Vess.  Some of the visuals in the film of the same name were inspired by Vess's work.  Not sure if you've seen anything by Mr. Vess?  Then just take a look at the arch sculpture at the library's Piedmont entrance!

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