Friday, February 23, 2018

Everybody’s Baby by Lydia Netzer

Reviewed by Kristin

Jenna and Billy are the quintessential millennial couple.  Jenna owns the Rock Star Yoga studio, offering non-traditional classes such as Sock Hop Yoga, Punk Rock Yoga, and even Shake Yo’ Ass Yoga, pulling in a much different demographic than one might think.  Software developer Billy practically lives on the internet, tweeting and Tumblr-ing every thought that goes through his mind.  They are young, in love, and want to have a baby.

Turns out, having a baby is one of the things that does not come easily to Jenna and Billy.

Jenna and Billy don’t know where to turn.  Fertility treatments could cost as much as $40,000, with no guarantee of a successful pregnancy.  Having already borrowed money from Billy’s parents for a house down-payment, Jenna and Billy turn to another resource: the internet.

Yes, Jenna and Billy plan to have the world’s first Kickstarter baby.  Perks include owning the first ultrasound picture, hosting the gender reveal party, creating the birth plan, rubbing Jenna’s pregnant belly, cutting the cord, naming the baby, and so many more options.  Jenna is hesitant, questioning whether or not she could have strangers, yes, STRANGERS, so involved in her planned conception and motherhood, but Billy believes in the power of crowdsourcing, so they forge ahead.

Fortunately, the baby-namer doesn’t go with Horace and/or Mildred, options which horrify Jenna.  But Billy and Jenna soon find that sharing these milestones with others is harder than it seems.  The Kickstarter absolutely blows up, reaching the funding goal quickly, and gaining the attention of national news outlets.  After all, a Kickstarter baby lets the supporters feel ownership over this potential baby.  As Jenna and Billy gain more publicity, the internet takes sides, and as you know on the internet—everyone has an opinion.

I absolutely love Lydia Netzer’s novels, and this story is available only as an e-novella.  It was a pleasure to read using Tennessee READS.  Reviews of Netzer’s other books can be found here:  How To Tell Toledofrom the Night Sky  and Shine Shine Shine.  Yes, I’ve been a fan for a few years, and will continue to follow this quirky and timely author wherever she leads.

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