Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce


Reviewed by Meygan Cox

Scarlett and Rosie are wolf hunters, fighting in the name of their beloved grandmother who was killed by a werewolf. Yes, this is a spinoff of the fairy tale classic Little Red Riding Hood except this story is focused on sweet, sweet revenge and a lot of dead wolves. Even though Scarlett and Rosie are close, they have different objectives. Scarlett dedicates every second she is awake to slaughtering wolves (otherwise known as “Fenris” in the book), while Rosie hunts only because she feels that she owes it to her sister. (Scarlett lost an eye in a battle trying to protect Rosie.)  Sure, Rosie begs Scarlett to let her hunt alone, but when she does hunt she finds herself wishing she was doing something else. In other words, Scarlett is a hunter by nature and Rosie is a hunter by choice. 

And of course, how good would a book about werewolves be without a love interest? Rosie can’t help but to notice how “different” Silas looks. Rosie, Scarlett, and Silas grew up together, and Scarlett and Silas were hunting partners. After Silas moved away, Scarlett held a grudge for his disappearance. But now that he is back, Scarlett has sort of forgiven him while Rosie can’t get over his change. Silas tells Rosie that she shouldn’t follow in her sister’s footsteps because that isn’t how she wants to live her life. After the three move to Atlanta to hunt more wolves, Silas signs Rosie up for classes at a local school where she can take classes about dancing, art, etc. Rosie feels that she is torn between her dedication to her sister and her feelings for Silas. And to make matters worse, the wolves are getting stronger making it almost impossible for Scarlett to hunt by herself. Will Rosie continue hunting or will she be inclined to actually follow her passions instead of Scarlett’s? Or will it be a mixture of both? Will she and Silas share that first kiss that that seems to palpably linger between them? Will Scarlett ever spend more time having fun and less time killing werewolves? All you have to do is read Red Sisters to find the answers! 

I am not new to the young adult fantasy and supernatural genre. I mean, the other night I stayed up until 1am debating about which Hogwarts house I would be placed in (all thanks to a dear co-worker/friend of mine). But this book missed the mark. I found the characters to be weak. I would rather hate a character with every drop of blood in me than to be bored by them. At least Lord Voldermort was interesting and even though we all wanted him dead, we were absolutely enthralled by his character! But there is nothing interesting about the characters or the werewolves besides the fact that this was a rip off of Little Red Riding Hood. This book had the potential to be exceptional.  I would say that the first 100 pages were intriguing. The characters were still being developed and there was enough action to keep me as a reader on my toes. But I found myself around page 280 just speed reading so I could finally say that I finished the book. 

Again, the author had so much to work with, but the action was too repetitive and the climax was something that I had pieced together before mentioned.  This is a series but I will not be finishing it. I don’t even know if this is a book that I would recommend to Twilight fans. Honestly, there just wasn’t enough action for me and I felt that the story went downhill. I believe this sentence will sum up my true feelings for Sisters Red—I will be reading spoiler alerts on Goodreads for the other two books.

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