Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mockingjay: Book and Film

 Reviewed by Meygan 

Spoiler Warning!  This review assumes you have read or seen The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

In Mockingjay, the third book in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series, Katniss Everdeen, better known as the Girl on Fire, has destroyed the games. Never again will she or anyone else have to compete in the terrifying, horrific games created by President Snow. However, Katniss is not in the clear. Peeta, Joanna, and Annie are being held hostage by the Capital. Meanwhile, Snow uses Peeta to deliver televised messages, knowing that Katniss will be watching and plotting.  In the messages, Peeta urges Katniss not to start a revolution and says that war doesn’t help anything. Katniss is confused by Peeta’s requests. How can he ask her not to fight after everything they have been through? Katniss is asked by Plutarch and Madame President to be the Mockingjay, the living symbol of the rebellion. At first, Katniss is reluctant because she feels like she can’t. However, Katniss is motivated to take down the Capital, but nothing comes before saving Peeta. 

Mockingjay was my least favorite book in the series. The Hunger Games was fantastic, Catching Fire was pretty good, and Mockingjay was meh. I thought the beginning chapters were a snooze and I wasn’t “hooked” into finishing the book until I was halfway through the story. I liked the ending though. I wasn’t enthralled, but I certainly wasn’t displeased. One good thing is that the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale is finally resolved! 

When it comes to books into movies, one question that comes up frequently is, “Will I understand the movie if I have not read the book?” The answer in this case is no, you do not have to have read the book first. However, I do recommend reading the books for gaining a better perspective of the characters and descriptions. 

As for the movie, Mockingjay Part 1 has received mixed reviews. The movie had a very, very slow beginning but this was to be expected since the book took a while to get to the action. I was hoping that the movie would pick up the pace and bring the action to us sooner.  I remember asking how much time was left of the movie because if anything exciting was going to happen then there wasn’t much time for it. However, the ending was fantastic. I think the movie ended in a great place for fans to pick up next year when Mockingjay Part 2 is released. The movie actually did a good job of staying on track with the book. As far as I can remember, nothing major was left out and nothing new was added.  Jennifer Lawrence did a superb job of playing Katniss, and everyone else was on top of it.

Since this movie only covers the first half of the book, movie goers will have to wait a whole year before the franchise releases Mockingjay Part 2. Personally, I would have rather Mockingjay been one movie instead of two movies divided. I could have easily picked out 30-45 minutes in Mockingjay Part 1 to cut out. That way, more action could have been provided and all the director had to do was tack on another hour and voila! The whole movie is complete. But no, my wish wasn’t granted and because of that I will have to wait another year to see the good part of Mockingjay.  

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