Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Christmas in October!

It seems the holidays come faster and faster these days.  This year I saw Halloween items out after the Fourth of July; by Labor Day there were aisles of fall goods.As of September 12,  I saw the Christmas items being stocked on shelves.

The book world isn't immune to the phenomenon either. There are a number of Christmas themed books coming out in October, including some by favorite authors which should be showing up on our reserve list.  Here are some you many want to add to your list:

Duck the Halls by Donna Andrews begins with Meg Langslow after some holiday pranksters who put skunks in a church, but then a murder enters the picture as well.

Silent Night is a Spenser story begun by Robert B. Parker and completed by Helen Brann.  Spenser and Hawk are on the case when a teenage boy tells them his mentor is being threatened.

Spirit of Steamboat
by Craig Johnson is a holiday themed Longmire story in which a young woman brings back memories of Walt’s first year as a sheriff and raises questions about Walt’s predecessor.

Anne Perry, best known her Thomas & Charlotte Pitt and Monk mysteries, has written a Christmas themed book each year for the last decade or so.  This year’s title is A Christmas Hope.

Starry Night by Debbie Macomber has the joys and comforts of Christmas, as might be expected from this best-selling author.

Thomas Kinkade’s Cape Light:  Songs of Christmas by Katherine Spencer will be out in early November.  Spencer was often credited as co-author of the Kinkade books, both the Cape Light and Angel Island series. 

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