Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cat Trick by Sofie Kelly

Reviewed by Jeanne

Kathleen Paulson took a temporary job as library director in the small town of Maysville Heights, Minnesota, on a limited contract, which will be ending in a few months.  Her original plan was to head back to her family in Boston, but she’s made some good friends here—and then there’s Detective Marcus Gordon, the handsome policeman with whom she is NOT falling in love.  Really.  She isn’t. No way. She’s also acquired cats Hercules and Owen who were part of a feral colony near an old house and who have some disconcerting habits, such as walking through walls, becoming invisible, and understanding human speech.

This time around the town is hoping to arrange with Legacy Tours to have Maysville become a tour destination for the company’s upscale clientele.  It would be a boon to the local economy, showing the area’s arts, food, and scenic vistas.  It should have been a fairly easy sell, given that one of Legacy’s owners is a former Maysville resident, but Mike Glazer turns out to be what would charitably be called “challenging.” This may be the reason that Mike ends up dead, and Kathleen has another mystery to solve.

This is the fourth in the Magical Cats series of mysteries. As with the others, this is a light, fun book with some humor, a bit of romance, a good bit of female friendships, food, and magical cats.  Owen and Hercules are catnip for cat lovers, and their personalities really shine through in this entry in the series.  Also, it seems that Kathleen is finally acknowledging what’s been obvious since book one, that she and Marcus would make an ideal couple—even if she does continue to meddle in police investigations.

Each book can be read as a standalone, but here’s a list of the earlier books in the series if you’d prefer to read in order:
1.    Curiosity Thrilled the Cat 
2.    Sleight of Paw
3.    Copycat Killing

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