Monday, December 27, 2010

Genesis Secret is a strong debut!

The Genesis Secret by Tom Knox (F KNO Main)
Reviewed by Susan Wolfe
This debut novel runs two storylines that eventually merge into one.  This technique  works well with this book.

Journalist Rob Luttrell is assigned to cover an archeological dig in Kurdistan, a soft assignment after serving as a war correspondent in Iran.  But this expedition appears to have uncovered a building older than any ever discovered.  It has the potential to change history, and the locals are not happy with it being revealed.  Accidents happen.  The head archeologist is murdered.  The locals practice an ancient religion, unknown outside of the region. 

Meanwhile, sacrificial murders are discovered in England.  Scotland Yard detective Mark Forrester realizes that a murderous gang is recreating human sacrifice at historical sites.  The gang consists of rich kids being lead by a psychotic but brilliant madman who stays one step ahead of everyone.

The stories converge when a connection to the Kurdistan site is discovered.  Forrester and Luttrell join forces to track down a book that has been hidden for centuries, a book that explains ancient secrets, battles, and events and points to Eden and the Book of Genesis.  Not only do they race against the gang with more murders, but also against the waters of a modern dam that will shortly cover the site with water. 

There are plenty of twists and turns.  The author is an experienced journalist using the pseudonym of Tom Knox.  His second book, The Marks of Cain, has recently been released.

The plot is solid.  The characters are well defined.  A little murder and mayhem is usually expected in most thrillers, but Knox tends to overdo it.  His detailed and vivid descriptions of the murders were gory and numerous.  It was almost as if he had done a research paper on human sacrifice and was determined to reproduce every kind known to man.  The book could have been good, but there is too much of a YUCK factor for me.  Only for those with strong stomachs!

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